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issue of financing. and gets a sense from these communities, and throughout the city, especially the dark green ones. about the appetite of how much more they would be willing to spend. and part is a comparison of pg & e, and part is also with the promise of a local build-out. and that numbers would be competitive to what they are. and there wouldn't be rate increa increases. if we could capture that information up front and not go back out. >> we will work with the clean power advocates as we have regular meetings with them as we draft this poll. and the presentation on friday and the assumptions with local power model, is still at play.
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and still trying to figure out the numbers work. >> yeah, and that aside, let's get all the information we can up front to figure out what the appetite is for the rate hit. >> definitely. >> dr. jackson. >> thank you. dr. jackson. i have received calls and some people go on the internet. i don't do that, because i don't know how. and there was a question concerning the davis & associates. especially with public education community engagement and the advertising in the different areas. and because in my community and i always talk about bayview hunter's point.
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because i don't talk about nobody else's area. in my area in district 10, we have mostly latinos, asians and samoians, and those who don't read english. everyone knows i am the mayor of hunter's point and they ask me the question. and who will they hire to knock to doors? because a lot of people will not open their doors to strangers. they know the people in the neighborhood. and i want you to think about this clearly. we have people that have worked jointly in the community over the last 30 years. because of our influx with the redevelopment agency. so the thing of it is, i want to let you know that people are watching. and a lot of people are watching
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what is being said here on this project today. because as you know, people talk but they don't do nothing. and we have gone through that, at least i have for 50 years. promises made to the community and have not been followed through. and they are asking me, mr. jackson, are they going to follow through? and i say yeah, because i am a doctor. the doctor is watching. >> thank you, any other public comment? seeing none, public comment closed. commissioner vietor. >> i wanted to get back, you said not execute or what is your thinki thinking? >> as you know on every commission we give you an update. and what we would like to do is start engaging on pulling the
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right people on the team. identify what the roles and responsibilities are. and too formulate the questions to help with the graphics, and come back to say this sort of the plan. at every stage, like the questions, i think those questions are very important that we ask, you know the right questions to get a response. so that we better know how to roll the program out. so i just feel that you know moving forward every week or every commission meeting we will give you an update. so i think if we move forward, you still have the ability to check and see the direction of the program. >> commissioner moran. >> i think that last comment is important. in most matters when we approve
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a contract. we don't hear about it again until a modification or close out. and this is an area where this commission has a great deal of interest and wants to stay involved. on the other hand, i think it's not appropriate for this commission to stay on top of an award decision. you know trying to get the next piece of information before the award is made. that gets too close to intruding into the general manager's prerogative. but we care about this a lot. and interest from the community. this needs to proceed not like a regular contract but one where there is ongoing involvement and information and sharing with the commission and public. and with that understanding, i am comfortable moving the item. >> i would like to add, only that given the fact that we have been presented with the map. and it's been discussed. and it looks like what we have
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seen before, kind of like the donut hole in san francisco. and yet it's possible, it jumps out at me that it's possible that data as we collect it, will change the way this map looks. i ask staff to continue to use this document, since it is what has initiated our action. and as we collect that data, and i believe that the doctor has it right. it's important that the people collecting that data are the people from those communities. i can't emphasize or stress that enough. and i am sure that we will talk more about it. but as that data changes, i would suspect not a lot but a little color coordination of this map change. and for those of who don't have
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a copy. and this is motion and seconded. >> if in favor aye. >> aye. >> passed. >> item 12, approve the selection of utility systems efficiencies and authorize the manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement for $2 million and not to exceed five years. >> this is straightforward for hetch hetchy water, i am happy to answering any questions. >> i will move the item. >> second. >> any public comment? seeing none. those in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> motion carries. >> item 13, approve amendment
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no. 4 to agreement cs-854, engineering services for sutro reservoir. >> the last two items are straightforward. i don't have a formal presentation. >> move. >> seconded. >> the item is moved and seconded. any public comment? seeing none. public comment is closed. all in favor signify by aye. >> aye. >> the motion carries. next item. >> item 14, accept work performed by pcl civil constructors for contract db-1116, decreasing the total amount of $87,582,124 and extend
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the contract. >> what is your pleasure? >> so moved. >> seconded. >> the item moved and seconded. any public comment? seeing none, closed. all in favor signify by aye. >> aye. >> the ayes have it, and motion carries. >> item 15, public comment on items discuss in closed session. >> any public comment? none. next item. motion on whether to assert the attorney/client privilege. >> i move to assert. >> seconded. >> signify by aye. >> aye. >> we move into closed session. >> you want me to read the item? >> kindly. >> item 17, anticipated litigation as plaintiff. and item
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>> item 19 we can announce that no action was taken. i can take a motion whether to disclose. >> moved to not disclose. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. >> next item, any new business? we have been asked a dear colleague and dear friend of the puc and the city family passed away just before the thanksgiving holiday. we have been asked to adjourn in her name. and her name is teresa burke.
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can we have a motion, please? >> i will move that. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded to adjourn this meeting in honor and memory of teresa burke. the meeting is now adjourned. [gavel] >> >> >> frantic shoppers around you may be in need of a break from the festivities and have no fear i will count down the places that will add fun to the madness. if you're in good of a good laugh stop by for free comedy night and food and drink
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